TV Prep is our independent learning program that offers students K-12 a complete academic curriculum in the environment of their choice.

We partner with TTU K-12  to provide a full academic experience. Our program helps each child maximize their potential, recognizes that not every student thrives in the classroom, and understands that some cannot adhere to a traditional school day. TV Prep provides a homeschool option that caters to each student’s individual needs and each family’s schedule, ensuring an optimum learning environment. We come to you for individualized learning — or come to our distraction-free office for individual or group learning.

TV Prep at a Glance:


Supplemental programs for students already enrolled in school

Make up failed courses through credit recovery

Tailor-made, self-paced educational plans matching student’s needs

Choice to work year-round, if desired

Option for Credit by exam (CBE)

Alternative for summer school 

Enroll at any time during the year without registration deadlines

Possibility for early graduation

Opportunity to obtain dual credit

Small group/pods also available

Full-time Texas diploma programs for elementary school, middle school, and high school


Luke Glover

“TutorVille was an answer to prayers for my family. My son had been diagnosed with dysgraphia a couple years prior to meeting Jess, and we were struggling to find the right academic setting for him to succeed. We had been looking without much success, and then we met Jess (and Leo!).  When we walked out of the meeting, we knew we had found our school. Jess and her team listened to us, worked with us, and loved us. She made sure that the tutors she assigned to my son were the right fit, and I cannot say enough good things about the ones that she paired with him. They were outstanding. Through the work that they did with my son, he went from struggling academically to finishing high school a year early and will be attending a university this fall.” – Jana Grundy



Pir, Rani, and Zayd Abiola

“We moved back to Houston from London, and we moved at a really awkward time. We weren’t enrolled in school, so time was going by and I was falling behind, and Rani was behind and my brother was doing nothing. Being here, the environment is just so great that you don’t mind coming to school, you’re almost excited to go.” – Pir Abiola