Our Staff

Every parent knows raising a child is no easy task — and IT’S the most important job there is. At TutorVille, we know a good team is a vital ingredient in helping you help your child — so that they are confident, well-rounded and ready for success! Whether you are a child or a child at heart, at TutorVille, we have the tools that will help you acheive your dreams.

Jess Rogers

Jess Rogers

President and CEO

TutorVille, LLC, was founded by Jess Rogers. A graduate of Houston Baptist University, Ms. Rogers earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media and Speech Communications and a Master of Education degree in Secondary Education. She has been a teacher, educator and private tutor in Houston for more than ten years. While serving as a full-time math teacher, Ms. Rogers became a private tutor to help struggling students and discovered that tutoring was her true passion. In 2009, she decided to focus wholly on identifying, assembling, and coaching private tutors in the Houston area who share her enthusiasm and are committed to cultivating a lifelong love of learning.

Our Tutors

TutorVille has more than 200 tutors who are the best in the business. Smart and successful, they include college professors, reading specialists, former school administrators, doctors, lawyers, teachers, heroes in capes (if that’s what your child needs!)
And they can teach anything and everything, from reading, writing and arithmetic — to how to score the highest on standardized tests — to how to play the guitar, make your own movie or raise a butterfly garden.
TutorVille tutors are excited, prepared and ready to help your child reach their highest educational goals.

(V.) To gain knowledge of a skill by study, instruction or experience.
(V.) To investigate, inquire or analyze.
(V.) To make known, visible or uncover for the first time.
(V.) To thrive, prosper, grow or accomplish what is intended.