About TutorVille

At TutorVille, every child is a super star. We believe that with love, inspiration and the right techniques, every child can grow into a confident and stellar student. TutorVille was founded in 2009 to provide private tutoring for students seeking assistance with their school work and/or preparation for standardized testing. Our mission is to foster a lifelong love of learning that extends beyond the classroom.

We believe that every child can excel in academic learning if presented with both the right opportunity and approach. TutorVille implements specialized tutoring based on the student’s individual skill set, personality and goals. In a gentle, friendly and creative environment, we spend the time necessary to tailor an educational structure that ensures success for each child.

Our company objective is not simply to increase our students’ grades. We genuinely care about each student’s personal growth – intellectually and emotionally. With the nurturing guidance of our tutors, we work hard to advance our students’ confidence and self-assurance for long-term success.

We take the time to carefully select the perfect tutor to work with your child. We know how important your child’s education is, and we know how important it is to find the perfect fit. At TutorVille we have a highly qualified staff of tutors ready and willing to help you and your student achieve the highest level of success.

(V.) To gain knowledge of a skill by study, instruction or experience.
(V.) To investigate, inquire or analyze.
(V.) To make known, visible or uncover for the first time.
(V.) To thrive, prosper, grow or accomplish what is intended.